Integrity Cat Litter

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Integrity Cat Litter logoCompany name: Integrity Cat Litter
Home base: Renton, WA
Integrity Cat Litters make a cat’s life healthier, happier and more comfortable. They develop some of the most effective, natural and planet-friendly cat litter choices available.

Our favorite thing: Integrity is a regional supplier, and their litters are superior to national brands.

“The best choice for your cat”

Integrity Natural Cat Litters are some of the most natural and effective litter choices around, yet gentle on your home and the environment. Each Integrity Litter has unique qualities to fit your cat’s preferences and your lifestyle.

Improved litter is cleaner, less dusty and forms stronger clumps. Made of 100% Wyoming sodium bentonite clay, no fillers. Excellent odor control. No fragrances, dyes or chemicals makes it great for sensitive cats and people. After the clay is recovered, the land is replanted, protecting water quality and creating spaces for wildlife, recreation and farming.

Made of 95% of the clumping clay formula with 5% Zeolite added for extra, natural odor control. Zeolite is a bright white clay with a special molecular structure that’s effective at trapping toxins and odors. Zeolite is so safe, it’s used to purify water. No dyes, scents or other chemicals are added or needed.

Heat treated reclaimed pine wood pellets absorb odors and liquids by forming soft clumps from the bottom of the pan up, leaving a dry surface to walk on. Pellets are perfectly sized – they won’t stick between a cat’s toes, and don’t track. Made from sustainable forestry products, in a zero-waste facility. 100% renewable and biodegradable.