Ruff Wear

Essential Deets:

Ruff Wear logoCompany name: Ruff Wear
Year of origin: 1994
Home base: Bend, OR
Ruffwear specializes in making products for dogs that elevate their outdoor adventures, including harnesses, apparel, boots, safety gear, bowls, and beds.

Our favorite thing: Ruffwear is a local outfitter focused on creating well-designed, durable products using sustainable methods.

“Design from a dog’s perspective”

Ruffwear is dedicated to building gear for outdoor athletes and their human companions, believing that their products’ performance should be measured by the ability to enhance our outdoor adventures with our dogs. These guiding principles, along with a desire to push the boundaries and explore, are what fuel our soul and drive us to create the best dog gear possible.

For Ruffwear founder Patrick Kruse, exploring the outdoors has been a way of life since the beginning, whether by foot, bike, flying machine, or boat. And he has always searched for ways to include his canine sidekicks in all of his adventures.

Today, the company Patrick launched from his garage is present around the globe. Throughout the journey, Ruffwear has remained true to its passion for enhancing and inspiring exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.

Because we rely on our gear to comfortably guide us to the edge of exploration, Ruffwear believes its products should perform seamlessly and contain nothing superfluous. Ruffwear rigorously field tests and guarantees its materials and craftsmanship.