Essential Deets:

FirstMate logoCompany name: FirstMate
Year of origin: 1988
Home base: Chilliwack, BC
FirstMate prides itself in the quality and safety, of its dog and cat foods. They own their entire production facility, which offers customers full confidence their products.

Our favorite thing: Single proteins with meat density listed on every bag, true LID grain free formulas made with brown rice and oatmeal.

“The best nutrition is simple”

FirstMate uses meat meals as its single protein source. While fresh meat contains about 20% protein, meat meals can have up to 70% of the protein our pets need to thrive. FirstMate sources top quality meals, and uses a gentler production technique than industry standard, ensuring that the quality of the protein remains intact and continues to be an easily digestible source of nutrition and usable minerals (phosphorous and calcium) that pets need.

The Taplow

Michael Florian, the founder of FirstMate, fished commercially for for halibut, salmon, and herring aboard his fishing vessel, the Taplow. He eventually founded Taplow Feeds, which manufactures fish feed for the burgeoning salmon farming industry in British Columbia. At that time, fish farms used guard dogs to patrol the sites and ward off predators (both animal and human).

A more healthy alternative

But the guard dogs quickly started competing with the fish for Taplow’s high quality, high protein, specialty aquaculture feed. The dogs were happy and healthy, their coats sleek and shiny, but the farm owners asked Michael to develop a top quality, canine-specific food that would satisfy the dogs and keep them away from the expensive fish feed. FirstMate was born.

FirstMate dog foods

State of the Art

Taplow Feeds and FirstMate use the same, high quality ingredients and careful manufacturing techniques in their large, modern production facility in Chilliwack BC, just outside of Vancouver. The food that once fed the beautiful and sleek guard dogs formed the foundation for a line of high quality diets that meet all nutritional requirements, from puppies and kittens to aging pets.