Pet Loft first opened for business in November 1998. Our goal was to provide the highest quality pet products available and expert, customer specific advise to make sure Portland’s dogs, cats, fresh water fish, small animals and wild birds stay healthy and happy. Our mission was and still is to put the health and well being of all companion animals first. Since the beginning we have tried to supply the best quality pet products in all price ranges to fit every budget. We have always believed in promoting as many locally made products as possible. Some of the best quality, most innovative pet supplies are made right here in the Northwest. From organic dog and cat foods to fantastic pet beds and even farm fresh catnip, you will find dozens of locally manufactured items in our store.

We also strongly believe in animal rescue and supporting local animal shelters. There is an outreach center built into our store housing up to four shelter cats at one time. Our focus is on adult cats that have a harder time finding new homes at the shelters. To date we have helped find loving homes for well over 1000 cats and are currently working exclusively with the largest no kill shelter in the region – Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood.

So much has happened since we first opened our doors. The store has expanded as has our range of products. We have rearranged more times than I can count and most recently have installed a new counter that opened up the store and hopefully will make shopping here more enjoyable. The seven staff members here at Pet Loft have become a second family. All the full time employees have been here for many years and between us we have nearly 30 years of experience working here. There are always at least two full time employees available to offer expert advise with any kind of question.

Our long time loyal customers are also part of the Pet Loft family. We see so many smiling familiar faces every day, both people and pets. Your patronage over the years has allowed us to see and be a small part of your lives and we so appreciate that opportunity. Many of our customers over the years that have moved far away from the area still call for advise and stop in when they are in town just to say hello. There are many more that move across town or as far as Astoria that go out of their way to continue shopping with us. As a store owner, there is nothing more gratifying then that. Thank you all.

For those of you that have never been in please give us a call or stop by to introduce yourself and your furry / feathered / or finned friend.

We look forward to meeting you.

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