Pura Vita

Essential Deets:

Company name: Pura Vita
Year of origin: 2007 (1964, see below)
Home base: Perham, Minnesota
Pura Vita makes a wide range of dry, canned, grain free, organic foods created with high quality ingredients in a US manufacturing facility.

Our favorite thing: Pure Vita Foods all feature a single source of meat or fish protein. Unique, single source proteins are less likely to cause allergy or intolerance with pets.

Family owned for the long haul

Pura Vita Pure & Natural Pet Foods prides itself on its 50+ year history as a family-owned-and-operated maker of top quality pet foods. Started by Kenny and Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson as Tuffy’s Dog Food Company in 1964,

Pura Vita was created to be the highest quality, holistic, food available – exclusively produced in a new, state of the art manufacturing facility in Minnesota. Pura Vita’s offerings include dry, canned, grain Free, organic, all crafted to help your pets live a long and healthy life.

Small town values

After three generations tucked away in the heart of Minnesota’s corn and potato country, the Pura Vita Foods family remains committed to its community roots and hometown values. They believe that buying locally from other family retailers is the key to smart and integrity-filled business. We appreciate that!

Pura Vita Family: Kenny “Tuffy” Nelson and son Charlie

Kenny has always believed that “family” is the most important part of his success. Pura Vita works hard to take care of its seasoned, specially trained work force and management team. With 50+ years of history, there are several employees who have been there for ~20 years!

“For a long and healthy life”

We trust Pura Vita to consistently deliver high quality products that will nurture your pets for years. We at Pet Loft share the belief that it’s family that speaks to who we are: a family of dedicated employees in a friendly company, providing quality brands & products to our furry family friends!